Music promoter Sipapa and reigning tycoon Bryan White clashed in Masaka. The root cause of their clash was money of course, this time however Sipapa came out on top this time. See what transpired here.

Reigning philanthropist and top city socialite Bryan White, a.k.a Kirumira Brian, has been trending for many reasons the biggest of which is how he splashes cash everywhere he goes. The slim bodied tycoon recently won the Showbiz Personality of the Year award at the 2018 Zzina Awards. His splashy lifestyle is admired by many Ugandan youths.

Bryan White splashing cash at one of the recent comedy shows in Kampala.

Sipapa, a.k.a Olim Charles, has been around for quite sometime as a music promoter and CEO of Sipapa Entertainment that has nurtured different artistes including Melody, Serena Bata, among others. He also lives a flashy life owning a fleet of branded cars and night hangout spots within the city.

Sipapa and Serena Bata.

The rise of Bryan White to fame has earned him various enemies, mostly fellow show-offs who think that he must be the reason they are no longer shinning. Ever since he broke out onto the social scene, a few household tycoon names have since gone AWOL and that includes Sipapa.

The two tycoons coincidentally met in Masaka at Nabugabo Sand Beach over the Easter weekend at a show organized for revelers in the festive season. Sipapa, has never had an opportunity to steal Bryan’s shine since they had never met in public before, and he saw it fit to use this chance to show how he is a bigger tycoon that the philanthropist. The music promoter started splashing Shs 50,000 notes at the revelers who had already gathered to catch a glimpse of their favorite artistes performing. He must have done this in provocation of Bryan White.

Bryan White at White Sand Beach Nabugabo.

To everybody’s surprise, Bryan White who had attended the concert to talk to the people as it has been fond of him at past public gatherings, did not retaliate to Sipapa’s splashy provocation. He continued to talk to the people, trying to motivate the youth to work hard despite Sipapa’s disruption. After what he had come to say was finally addressed, the city socialite left the ‘podium’ and left the venue without splashing any money to the eagerly anticipating crowd.

This left most people surprised, others shocked, and some were overheard lamenting about how Bryan White’s deep pockets might have ran dry.

Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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