Ali Kiba‘s music has gained constant airplay on Diamond Platnumz‘s new TV station, Wasafi TV ever since it was launched. Could this be the end to the beef between the two singers?

Since the breakout of Diamond Platnumz, there has always been a comparison between him and fellow Tanzanian superstar Ali Kiba who has been around longer than Diamond. This led to bad blood brewing up in-between the two East African singers and the beef has escalated steadily over the years.

Their beef took an ugly turn seven months ago when Diamond Platnumz released his ‘Fresh’ song in which he compared Ali Kiba to Cinderella saying he should never be compared to anyone. Ali Kiba retaliated with a maturer approach saying he has been hated by the ‘Hallelujah’ singer for many years but it does not bother him at all.

Not Bothered: Ali Kiba.

A reconciliation between the two was something not many music fans would think of after they, in company of their respective fans, took the beef to social media and always called out each other lyrically in their music. However, the Wasafi CEO, Diamond Platnumz seems to be realigning their relationship and putting an end to to the beef.

Just a few days after launching Wasafi TV, Ali Kiba’s music has constantly been played on the Diamond owned TV station. This sent a wave of questions on social media with fans from both camps trying to figure out what move that was set to be by Diamond Platnumz since they did not think that was to happen.

Diamond Platnumz.

Diamond however had this to say about the issue;

Fighting with Ali does not help me in any way, and I don’t gain anything. It does not add or reduce anything so why would I do it? We need to show young artistes that we got the chance and we used it well and not to create hate.

Well, we shall have to wait a little longer to certify the end to this beef because it has always taken twists and turns in the near past.

Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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