The Uganda Police has given a one week ultimatum to all citizens to handover all camouflage attires. This comes after Police issued new guidelines concerning army fatigue stating that anyone found in possession of army combat will be arrested.. Many Ugandan celebrities most likely to be arrested.

While at the Uganda Police headquarters in Naguru at a weekly press briefing, Patrick Onyango the Deputy Police spokesperson advised the public to handover all camouflage attires.

A warning was issued to every ordinary person who does not belong to any security agency in possession of army looking attires to hand them over to police failure of which might lead to arrest and being charged in the courts of law.

Team No Sleep army.

It is no surprise that many Ugandan celebrities are likely to fall prey of these new guidelines. Most of them have time and again been seen wearing the army combat during performances, at video shoots, and other public gatherings. It is one way most artistes have always identified themselves as ‘soldiers’ and the music industry as a battleground of sorts.

Ziza Bafana

During Mowzey Radio’s burial in February, many people in attendance showed up in army fatigue including most artistes and ordinary people. Radio’s lifeless body too was fully dressed from head to toe in army fatigue. A few days later, the police commented on the dressing code and it is believed that it sparked off these new guidelines.

Artistes in camouflaged attires at Radio’s burial.
Kenyan artiste Jaguar (middle) arrives in the country prior to Radio’s burial dressed in camouflage attire.

Musicians however have adamantly downplayed the Police’s request saying it is not anywhere written in the law that they can be barred from wearing the way they wish. Some go on to say that, as long as the camouflage attire one is putting on has no Ugandan flag then it cannot be attached to belong to the Ugandan army as Police claims.

Dancers in camouflage during Sheebah’s ‘Kisasi Kimu’ video shoot.

This is not first time the Uganda Police is issuing these guidelines. In the past actually some people, including artistes like DJ Micheal, were arrested but later nothing was done. This time however the Police has strongly advised that nobody will be spared.

DJ Micheal and Ragga Dee in army fatigue.

We wait to see if this will take effect, in a week’s time.

Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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