Jack Pemba

Jack Pemba, a city tycoon has bought a brand new 2018 Lexus Sport Class Lexus. He says it cost him a hefty Shs620 millions. This is challenge to Bryan White who just acquired a new range rover a few days ago.

Prior to his girlfriend’s birthday, the city socialite who had gone pretty silent for quite a while is finally in active mode again. The city socialite who just confirmed flying in Congolese legendary singer Koffi Olomide for his second wife’s birthday is roaring again with a brand new Lexus car.

Pemba and Koffi Olomide.

Jack Pemba posted a video of his new monster ride to prove to his critics that he is not just yet to run broke. The big 2018 model Lexus Sports Class car is said to have been acquired for a sum of about Shs620m, and he has personalized its number plate with his initials, ‘SIR PEMBA‘, which is an extra Shs 20m.

A days ago, trending socialite Bryan White also acquired himself a brand new range rover sport. We can finally get set for the battle of moneybags as we approach mid 2018.

Whosoever’s side you may be on, avoid emulating their spending behaviors. We still need you intact.

Congratulations Jack!

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