Good Old Days: The late Mowzey Radio, Chagga and Weasel.

Ugandan musician Douglas Mayanja aka Weasle, formerly partner of fallen Mowzey Radio of Goodlyfe has vowed to jump every barrier ahead of him in a bid to become bigger than American rapper and businessman Shawn Corey Carter aka Jay Z.

Weasle was talking up life after enjoying a tour to the United Kingdom with colleagues Spice Diana and Cindy when he jointly announced how he is on good terms with manager Chagga and also aiming high.

                       Weasel will perform in memory of his fallen friend Radio.

Chagga and Weasle had been previously embroiled in a feud that had the latter blatantly fire the former over conflicting interests.

Weasle cleared up the air saying Chagga is a brother despite all that happened during the time the country was still mourning fallen Radio.

“Fine Chagga is my Brother and of course people in a family have misunderstandings and later solve them amicably and therefore I want to assure even that Chagga is my brother and we are in good terms, we don’t sign contracts but ours is a brotherhood thing”

he revealed.

                                                                                Manager Chagga Credit: Chagga

Weasle has now promised to unleash several musical projects. “I have a lot of good music coming up and I shall be bigger than Jaz Z just watch the space.”

The only surviving civilian Afande

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