Despite government’s plan to introduce social media taxes, the technology sector might be going to get its first ever biggest boost as Edgar Ofoyuru Davids is set to launch what is believed to be the country’s first locally produced smartphone.

The 24-year-old industrial designer believes that the current smartphones on the market don’t empower Ugandans to full realise their potential and that is one of the reason he designed Pixan, Uganda’s first locally designed smartphone.

                                                             Edgar at his developers company

The Pixan Developers platform aims at building a community of developers, to achieve the vision of empowering innovators and inventors in Africa, focusing on Uganda. With the theme “Building Communities: A Competitive Advantage for Ugandan Innovators in the Global Economy.

Ofoyuru also attributes the low penetration of smartphones in the country to lack of local content to empower Ugandans through job creation and consumption.

“The current phones do not empower us, we are just consuming. There is a lot you can do with a smartphone. The reason as to why people do not have phones is not that they are expensive, it is because they lack local content,” he added,”

Ofoyuru says.

The smartphones; Pixan M6 and M8, will range between UGX500K-UGX900K once they are rolled out in the market after their scheduled July launch.

Edgar Ofoyuru Davids is a Ugandan and the Company’s founder and chief executive officer.  The young Alur is the founder of Prospa Advertising and was born in Nebbi district, West Nile and he has attended a line of standard schools including Nebbi Primary School, Seroma Christian High School and St. Mary’s Secondary School Kitende.

Mr. Ofoyuyu has a long history of technology development and is specialist in Consumer Electronics Hardware Design & Soft Goods Manufacturing. He went to Aptech Computers, Kampala for a Higher Diploma in Multimedia Development majoring in Strategy & Portfolio Management/Advertising Design. Davids had extensive industrial training from Image Now Animation Studio, Audi Foundation, Tokyo (Japan) & Munich (Germany).

We wish him all the best.

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