Maro is back to school and has been often spotted at UMI where he is reportedly pursuing a post graduate course. The singer intends to add another degree to the one he achieved at Makerere University in 2015.

When it comes to education, not many Ugandan artistes have pursued it to the top levels. Despite the government’s efforts to make sure that education is every Ugandan’s priority in life, most Ugandans usually drop out before the University level, due to different reasons.

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On a large scale, Ugandan artistes will always write their success stories with a missing link concerning education at higher institutions. Even for the artistes we regard the best in the country; Bebe Cool, Jose Chameleone, Eddy Kenzo, among others never really got the experience of higher learning, and dropped out of school at lower levels.

Some will tell you that their reasons are money related, others claim they needed to concentrate on their passion hence dropping the school stress, while others merely state it that education has never been anywhere in their plans. Ironically, the top talents are the most categorized in this circle.

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Despite the reasons however, we have always noticed shortcomings in their relatively successful careers that could have been avoided if they had spent a little more time in class. Nonetheless, they have made it in their own way, but some other artistes are not taking any chances and they are seriously pursuing higher education to improve on their knowledge.

Maro, real names Magada Ronald, the RnB Kyabazinga, is the newest artiste to reveal that education is part of his future’s plans. The singer who just released his ‘Bambwa’ song is pursuing a post graduate course at Uganda Management Institute. UMI is one of the best institutes as regards business and management courses and it is most likely that Maro is aiming at being able to handle his own businesses after years of mismanagement by hired managers.

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The ‘Kyokoba’ singer is one of the few graduates that we have in the music industry with a Bachelors degree in Development Studies that he achieved in 2015 at Makerere University. This is such a bold move from the vocalist and very soon Uganda should have specialist in all issues concerning management.

Learned: Maro during his graduation ceremony at MUK in 2015.

The singer is still doing good music and he is in studio working on other new projects, some of which come out in May. We anticipate a good year for Busoga’s finest.

All the best Maro!

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