Zahara Tooto

Famous socialite Byran White has allegedly been frolicking with Spark TV’s Zahara Tooto, with the two tipped to make quite a couple in Uganda’s entertainment industry.

Bryan, well-known for his money splashing antics and attention-seeking tendencies – has been secretly moving in with Zahara – a light-skinned presenter and the two have recently been enjoying each other’s company.

With the situation already running out of hand, the Live Wire presenter was even snapped getting lovey-dovey with the money-lord.

Tooto has been surrounding herself with controversy often as she has reportedly been seen soliciting money from “Basama” around the festive season in December.

                                                      Zahara with some slay King

Bryan on the other hand has often dragged poverty-stricken beggars as he showed them how to make money. Will both make a couple worth something?

Well its all about time, we will let you know if the pencil sized tycoon is the one responsible for drilling Tooto’s oil dams or they are just rumors.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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