Weasel’s Ex-girlfriend Bianca Rusoke has spilled the beans and exposed some of probably the deepest secrets about the late Mowzey Radio‘s relationship with his two baby mamas – Lillian Mbabazi and Karen Gammeltoft. Too much information that will shock you.

We all knew it that Radio’s death would not end talk about him. People were bound to mourn forever, and a few controversial twists concerning the late singer’s life would be revealed, as is often the case with high profile personalities. The newest revelations about Mowzey Radio’s life have been been spilled by an ex-girlfriend to his former goodlyfe singing partner, Bianca Rusoke.

Bianca Rusoke.

Bianca Rusoke met Weasel around 2009 after which they fell in love. She lived with Weasel and Radio for close to five years, eating together and sleeping under one roof. This is probably the reason why we cannot discount her revelations.

Rusoke claims that Lillian Mbabazi is the real problem in Mowzey Radio’s life and that even after the singer’s death, the former Blu 3 songstress is increasingly becoming so much trouble to Radio’s family. As we all should know, Lillian Mbabazi was Radio’s fiancee for quite a while and the couple had two beautiful children; Ayana Kayobo Ssekibogo, and Asante Sekibogo.

Radio and Lillian performing together.

Radio however had another son Leo Njovu Sekibogo from a different relationship with Karen Gammeltoft, that he fought so hard to keep a secret. This, according to Bianca, was the woman Radio loved and was planning a marital home with before his death.

Karen Gammeltoft, Radio, and their son Leo.
Father and Son: Radio takes Leo for a walk in the jungle.

Bianca used her social media platforms to address her concerns about how Lillian is allegedly continuously bringing shame to Radio’s family while trying to own Radio’s property. She had this to say about Radio’s relationships;

I do not intend to judge or abuse anybody through this message. I merely want people to know the real facts and the TRUTH, instead of listening to gossip which at the end of the day is very DISRESPECTFUL to Moses’s legacy and life. Plus, one person in particular needs a wake up call.

On The Hot-seat: Lillian Mbabazi.

LILIAN MBABAZI you will be the main topic in this post, as you have taken things TOO far with lies and deception. We used to be friends but you are embarrassing yourself. We who knew Moses 100%, know the truth and you know it too – but instead you run around trying to proclaim everything that Moses put his tears, sweat and hard work into. It is a disgrace and VERY disrespectful, therefore I cannot shut my mouth anymore!

Firstly, I am Weasel’s ex girlfriend Bianca. I met the Goodlyfe crew in 2009 and lived with them FULL time for 4 years. Our friendship continued until his death and Moses was, and still is, a big brother to me and everyone who knew him. Moses had a girlfriend at the time who he had been with for 2 years – Karen (Gammeltoft), the woman who carried his child, stuck by his side for 10 years through ups and downs. As we all witnessed, she carried his picture and placed it on his grave at the funeral.

Gammeltoft at Radio’s burial.

Even Weasel and members of Moses’ family did not get that privilege, which shows how important this woman was and still is. SHE WAS, AND STILL IS MOSES’ WIFE!

Karen Gammeltoft while preggers with Radio’s son Leo.
Radio and Weasel, and Gammeltoft with Leo.

They built homes together and a whole life together. Just because that she and Moses were not in the limelight, does not mean that their relationship did not exist. Moses did not want his wife and children in the public eye. This is the truth and everybody should know it. Moses wanted peace and quiet. He was building a life for himself, Karen and his 5 children, NO ONE ELSE! You must respect that.

A younger Karen.

Lillian, I almost feel bad for you and the way you have chosen to act after Moses’ death. Lies and bribes are not the way to go mukwano, but that is what you have chosen. But the truth always comes out. You know it, as much as I know it, you were a side chick. You never lived with us, you just passed by once in a while for a short period. You had the knowledge of Moses being in a relationship but you did not care, which basically makes you a homewrecker, point blank! I saw you at the house a maximum 5 times and (yet) I was there 24/7.

Good Old Days: Radio shares a light moment with Lillian.

Yes you gave birth to two of his children which I respect, but you were not his wife Lillian. Stop trying to make people believe that. Remember whose pictures were allover his room and house. Yes, Karen’s, not yours or anyone else’s.

Karen Gammeltoft.

Moses could not even stand you in the end. He personally told me a story two years ago about you entering his home without permission like a crazy woman yet knowing his wife and child were inside sleeping.

He banged the door in your face to avoid your whining and bitching about everything. And to make it clear, Moses was taking care of all his kids, plus paying school fees and rent for them to prosper. But for Lilian, greed just takes over. You received a finger and you want the whole arm now.

I’m assuming that because you have a degree in psychology, you think that you know better and can get away with anything. But NO, I cannot let that happen because you are embarrassing his legacy. You also think that bazungu mothers are stupid just because they aren’t Ugandans, you are far from the truth. Well, Jennifer might be ignorant as you have got her twisted around your little finger and she just keeps kissing your ass because she has no mind of her own and who also lies about her ‘relationship’ with Moses, (Sorry to be offensive).

We are even more Ugandan than you are bambi. Yes on the outside I am white, but Ugandan blood floods in my veins, so do not underestimate us or upgrade yourself because of color. Karen might not have Ugandan blood in her veins, but she dedicated hers and her child’s life to Moses and Uganda, so don’t think you are better. I am a white girl from Kiburara, Fort Portal. Born at Mengo Hospital and raised in Uganda as a humble and respectful individual. Do not think that you can degrade people because of their color or them coming from another country. Aren’t you from Rwanda? NZE manyi Luganda, empakoyange Atwooki, and naongea Swahili pia. Please do not disrespect my roots and others’ with your assumptions and lies.

Stop your nonsense and immaturity and grow up for once. His legacy belongs to his children and relatives, not you. You seem very desperate to steal everything he worked hard for, and it is understandable because he was the person who wrote ALL your songs and now you are song-less. This is the image you are portraying madam.

Radio and Lillian Mbabazi.

The children have nothing to do with this post so please do not misunderstand this message. I pray for all of Moses’ children to be safe and prosper in life without him by their side. I also pray that the children get what they were intended to get, which can only be done without greedy people making themselves look important.

To everybody who sees and reads this, I apologize for my harsh words and if you feel that I am disrespecting anybody, I apologize. NAYE NZE NKOYE! What has this world come to? Lies, deception, greed and jealousy – those are very dangerous traits.

Radio’s mansion that he was building for his family before his eventual death.

Lillian just accept your small role, let people move on with their lives even though it is very hard to let go. But you chose to make it very difficult for any of Moses’ family members, and I find that to be very disrespectful and such a disgrace to his name. Rest in peace my brother!

This must be one of the various reasons celebrity life has never been easy. Nonetheless, Rest In Peace Moses Radio!

Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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