One thing we are surely not getting over anytime soon is the sad fact that Mowzey Radio is no longer physically part of this world. Musically, we all feel the void, and some other people feel it emotionally. For Ykee Benda, he lost a hero.

Ugandan artiste Ykee Benda, who just returned from his UK music tour, is in Kenya for a media tour. His music career has been a bed of roses, from a fan’s point of view but he himself will tell you that it is never that easy and requires hardwork to make it in this industry.
In an interview while on his Kenya media tour, the singer spoke about his hugely successful yet short music career. Ykee Benda has been in the industry for about two and a half years now doing great music that has earned him regional recognition. He spoke about his struggle saying Mowzey Radio was his biggest inspiration.
The late Mowzey Radio, and Weasel.
In his own words, Ykee Benda stated;
The struggle is real when it comes to music, but I believe in shining. I walk with God and I try to be descent, that is why I am top of the game in a short while. My biggest inspiration to music was the late Mowzey Radio who started his music in 2007 when I was in school, working hard to be an engineer. I looked up to his music and said to myself, I want to sound like Radio. I started training with his music.
When asked about Radio’s passing on and how it made him feel, Ykee Benda said;
It was sad to me, it was that one morning that you feel like you have lost your own brother. I met Mowzey twice not because I couldn’t meet him more times, but I avoided meeting him. From what people used to say about him, he was very tricky and short tempered and therefore I chose not to frequently meet him, because I did not want to experience his bad side. I wanted him to remain special to me, and he is still so special to me.
Ykee Benda is to feature in the World Cup theme song to be launched soon. The song also features Diamond Platnumz, Jason Derulo, among others. He believes Africa still has more to offer, but only if artistes unite and work together.
Wise words there!

Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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