Diamond Platnumz brother Romeo Abdul Jones has found himself in a similar predicament as the singer after being involved in a cheating scandal with Najma.

Romy Jones who is the vice president of Diamond’s record label Wasafi has reportedly been accused of sending suggestive messages to a woman who is not his wife which makes the two brothers being accused of cheating in a span of two months.

                                                                        Rommy during his wedding

The allegations get more interesting after we learnt that the woman in question happens to be Najma – the wife to singer Baraka da Prince. Screenshots that are fast going viral show Romy boldly asking Baraka’s wife to be his side piece, promising to “take good care of her”.

Despite the lady categorically saying that she was happily in a relationship with Baraka, Romy continues to try his luck by offering to make her famous.


On learning of the conversation, Baraka also took it to social media to call out Romy for making a direct move on another man’s girl. The brewing beef did not end there as Romy also got to speak on the entire issue to the media.

Romy did not deny reaching out to Najma but however denounced any reports that he had been hitting on her.

“I won’t speak on Baraka because I’m a very busy man and I don’t have the time. I heard people saying Romy hit on Baraka’s lady but when you look at the chats you will clearly see the lady was the one who blew things out of proportion. I was simply talking business, asking Najma to do a show in the UK. I’ve known Najma more than 10 years,”

he was quoted saying.

The allegations come barely months after Romy’s star brother Diamond’s own union with Zari Hassan broke down over cheating allegations.

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