Jose Chameleone has come out to defend his sons and he strongly condemns media for misleading the public with selfish views. Chameleone is allegedly going to be charged by the Police for letting his underage sons drive by themselves. The singer says everyone makes mistakes but we should all be judged fairly.

Two days ago a video of Chameleone’s sons driving on a public road made rounds on social media. Abba Marcus Mayanja was driving in company of his younger brother Alfa Mayanja (both below 11 years), and the video was actually shared by their parents. It was also played on different television stations and it attracted mixed reactions from the public.

A few media personalities picked up on the story and put the blame on Chameleone as a parent for letting his underage children drive all by themselves on a public road. They claim it was a dangerous decision and such an illegal act. Notably, Josephat Seguya, a presenter at a local television station demanded that Chameleone is charged by police for letting his underage sons drive on a public road saying it puts  other road users at risk, and hence he should be penalized.

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Chameleone, who is in Atlanta-USA with his wife Daniella, reacted to Seguya’s comments. Through a live video on Instagram, the ‘Champion’ singer retaliated saying he was not with his sons when the incident happened and he cannot be blamed for their actions. He also disputed Seguya’s comments saying he should have consulted him first before judging his sons.

In his own words, Chameleone has this to say;

I wasn’t in that video. Who knows I was with them (his sons), or not? How then am I wrong? Why is it always me to be blamed? People say I should be sued because I am the father, why not their mother? People should understand that I could never let my children do anything that puts them in harms way. I’m only providing the best for my family. Some these things I never got from my father but my kids can afford them.

Instead of being so quick to criticize me, teach me. Don’t scrutinize me. I am a young father. Perhaps, we all make mistakes, why then are you so quick to judge me? People should learn how to teach, we also make mistakes but we are ready to learn. Consult me first before you make those false allegations.

Seguya is a loser. At almost 50 years he is still spreading lugambo (gossip). He graduated to join a life of lugambo, he is a loser. I paid Seguya’s first trip to America. I have never forgotten, but he is the same person saying all these things about my family.

Joseph was sold by his family, but he ended up as king of Israel. I am favored, my God is magical, and he will never stop doing favors for me. Those who love me, I love you back my people. And all those with envy, go back to TV and talk all you want. When you are judging people, don’t forget to judge yourself.

Well, we hope his sons are out of danger.

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