Eddy Yawe’s Tukiggale was the main reason he quit Afrigo Band which is one of the oldest band in East Africa to embark on a solo career.

The single was extra-ordinary and registered overwhelming success that the Dream studio proprietor, Singer, songwriter, sound engineer and producer opted to leave the band.

                                                 Some of the AFRIGO BAND members performing at an event.

Away from that, Eddy was reportedly at loggerheads with some of the members and when he wanted to go perform solos – the collaboration with featuring Carol Nantongo, he felt capped by the group’s code of conduct.

Yawe claims he will always work with and remain friends with all Afrigo Band members despite the fact that he left them for dead.

Eddy Yawe Performing with Afrigo Band

Yawe is musician and politician Bobi Wine’s elder brother. ‘Tukiggale’ recently won Best Band song at the annual HiPipo Music Awards.

Goodluck to you Eddy Yawe in your Solo Career.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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