Kampala City tycoon SK Mbuga has apparently admitted he could be prime target of a certain mafia group after spending close to over 76 days in jail.

Mbuga was incarcerated in Dubai after being accused of conning a Swedish businessperson gold worth UGx23billion. He was even expected to be flown to Stockholm, Sweden, a few days after arrest to answer some queries regarding the alleged fraud.

                                                             SK Mbuga in one of his Posh Cars

Swedish police investigations had initially linked Mbuga and his wife Angella Vivienne Chebet to the theft from her ex-boyfriend Sten Heinsoo but the authorities had failed to get hold of the socialite. Chebet and her former boyfriend Heinsoo met in 2015 and they started a relationship that resulted into co-founding a company to trade in gold.

Information says Mbuga posed as Chebet’s brother and she used her powers in the company to transfer 53m Kronor (Swedish currency) to his accounts in Uganda. The money in question was being held in trust by Heinsoo, a politician. The money belonged to Heinsoo’s former employer Einar Matsson, a real estate mogul in Sweden.

                                                                  Mbuga and his wife Vivian

Speaking to Sqoop exclusively through his young brother Adbadallah Mbuga, he denies the allegations saying he is being framed.

“I am not sick. It is the same ‘mafias’ who framed me to go to jail who are putting out stories about me,”

Mbuga said.

Mbuga says the mafias are Ugandans trying to steal his money and property while he is in jail. Its also believed that the Ministry of Justice reportedly signed for Mbuga’s release after 50 days in jail but he reportedly renewed his stay in jail fearing for his life.

The Big question now is…… Who are these Mafia??????

The only surviving civilian Afande

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