The poverty levels who are increasing everyday are now forcing girls to find all measures of earning some income and the latest being Uwase who faked her own kidnap to extort money from boyfriend.

Mariam Uwase aged 21 has been arrested for trying to extort money from her boyfriend with whom they have spent close to three months together.

Uwase was incarcerated after faking her own kidnap, conning his boyfriend of 700,000 Uganda Shillings after making an initial demand of 25 million.

She used a magic voice service – making teary calls to her boyfriend on different phone numbers claiming she was in the hands of abductors.

She told him how they would kill her if he did not send the Shs25 million to secure her release.

Uwase was secretly located in a rented apartment where she was nabbed and detained at Old Kampala Police Station on charges of giving false information and trying to obtain money by false pretense.

Whatever the police comes up with, we will keep you posted.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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