Singer Angella Katatumba

Angella Katatumba has demanded Shs 1B for compensation from Chicken Tonight after their staff attacked and beat her up injuring her and fellow Jamaican singer Kuzi Kz in the story that emerged last week. Angella claims she was tortured physically and emotionally, and over Shs 6m that was in her bag was robbed in the scuffle.

Philanthropist and singer, Angella Katatumba was seriously beaten together with her friend, also singer Kuzi Kz by Chicken Tonight Kabalagala staff when the two tried to caution the staff’s customer care services. Angella talked about the entire ordeal and exactly what transpired to clear the air.

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She said;

We entered the restaurant as usual to have something to eat before heading home. Me and Kuzi Kz grabbed our seats and ordered for chicken, chips and meat sumbusaz. When the waiter brought our food we asked for ketchup. He brought small packets, and we kindly asked that he adds us more ketchup. He brought another bottle that was not labelled so we asked if it was really ketchup to which he affirmed. We poured so much in the food thinking it was ketchup, but on tasting the food, we had actually poured chilli sauce and the food was inedible.

When we asked the waiter why he had given us chilli sauce instead of ketchup, he dismissed our claims saying we should stop bothering them. Maybe they were tired since it was coming to 5am in the morning. The manager was actually sleeping just behind us so we woke him up to try and explain to him what had happened but he did not listen to any of our explanations an instead ordered us to leave the restaurant.

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The manager then called the security guard, and the waiter to force us out of the restaurant. I tried to walk away from them to try and talk to the female staff that was seated at the counter thinking maybe she would understand. Immediately, the waiter and security guard attacked and started beating up Kuzi. When I tried to stop the fight, the manager also started beating me up as he forced me out of the restaurant. Kuzi was severely beaten and actually some of his dreads were plucked off his head.

The security guard threw me to the ground, kicked at me several times, and as I got up to walk away he grabbed a rubbish bin and hit me straight in the face. I landed on my back, head first on the ground, a bit unconscious. Everything happened so fast just out of the blue.

Bruised: Angella Katatumba after the attack.

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Angella Katatumba then said that she had carried about Shs 6m in her bag which she had left at the counter when the scuffle had started. The money was to pay Boltmar records for a song they had done because she usually does not like moving with loads of cash, but she had that much since she had plans of paying the producers the next day.

On reaching home, my bag was empty and all the cash had been taken. I reported the whole matter to police and we made statements.

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Angella added that her lawyers are in charge and they will sue Chicken Tonight of course, and the criminal case is ongoing at Makindye court. She says that she was mistreated which brought her emotional and physical damages. She then asks for Shs 1 Billion to compensate for all the damages caused.


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