Makerere Administrator Edward Kisuze was suspended by Makerere University and arrested by Uganda Police following strong accusations that he sexually harassed a student by the names of Njoro Njeri Rachael.

According to a written testimony by Njoro, the student had returned to the premises to certify her transcript when the fateful occurrences unfolded.

Njoro also needed a recommendation letter as well and as early as 10:00am, she was already in campus. She was referred to room 507 for help but all her attempts were futile as she was told to vacate the office.

Later on at around 2:30pm, she went back and patiently waited until 4:30pm – seated on a bench perhaps in a corridor.

“I couldn’t wait anymore and I went back to see if I had succeeded,”

she said after giving up to go try the second time.

When she reached the office, she was told to wait for 5 minutes to verify if she had been worked on.

“Fortunately, my transcripts were certified and were handed over to me,”

she said after anxiously waiting.

As she took a close look at her particulars, she says

“Mr. Kisuze grabbed my boobs and started licking them as she lamented how much he loved me. I tried resisting his actions but he was more stronger [sic] than I”

“He also grabbed me and threw me on one of the file cabinets… my head was hurt by the files and he started kissing my thighs and he told me he had to lick my Private parts.

“While he was in the process, I got my phone and captured some shots because I realized there were no cameras in the room to help me out if I had reported the case.

“I tried calling Steven (515) to help me out but unfortunately the man (507) hanged up [sic] on me and threw my phone on the chair.

“He continued harassing me and that’s when he put his fingers in my Vagina which was so painful to me. I threatened him that I was going to report and make a call to Steve and that is when he opened for me the room since he had locked it.

“I got out crying and made a call to Steven and he invited me in his room. I narrated to him what I had gone through and he was so sorry to me and told me that he didn’t know that….”

The authenticity of this testimony can’t be concretely verified at this moment by MBU despite the fact it may portray how events unfolded.

                                                 A picture of the testimony the girl recorded at Police

We shall keep you posted on any revelations!

The only surviving civilian Afande

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