The Chairman of Makerere Academic staff Association Dr. Kamunyu Muhwezi has strongly condemned the acts of Mr. Kisuze Edward.

Kisuze was suspended by Makerere University and arrested by Uganda Police following strong accusations that he sexually harassed a student by the names of Njoro Njeri Rachael.

        Njoro Njeri Rachael and the Makerere Snr Official Kisuze

Dr. Kamunyu the head of the body that oversees academic staff has now come out publically to condemn Kisuze’s vices. In a message, he signed and posted on social media, the boss thanked Njoro for coming out to expose the official.

“I condemn all forceful sexual acts against students that we are hired and entrusted to protect in the first place.” It read.

“It is despicable and disheartening for a responsible member of staff to sexually harass a student that is possibly seeking a service or any form of protection from a University staff.

                                     Letter of suspension

“I thank Ms. Njoroge Rachael Njeri for the heroic act of exposing such a monstrous staff at the risk of her social freedom.

“We encourage all students facing such anguish to come out and register their complaints. We will support you in bringing the perpetrators of such predatory practices to book.”

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