Bobi Wine surely knows how to rise to the occasion, at the right moment. He penned down a very touching message to political opposition leader Kizza Besigye, congratulating him on his 62nd birthday. He says Besigye inspired him to join politics.

Doctor Warren Kizza Besigye celebrated his 62nd birthday today and as usual, social media was littered with various congratulatory messages to the opposition leader. Here is Bobi Wine’s message that he posted on social media directed to him;

You got out of your comfort zone so that you could make all of us comfortable. You stood up against injustice in the face of dangerous odds. You gave us the confidence to believe in our freedom. You inspired us to stand up for our our rights in the face of intimidation. The path towards the freedom of Uganda is now clearer. Without your selfless and relentless effort, this struggle wouldn’t be where it is today. You woke us up from our deep sleep and inspired us to become the leaders that we are. You became our role model. We love you, acknowledge you and pray that you live long enough to see our country completely free from oppression and exploitation. Happy birthday Dr. Kizza Besigye!

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