As Uganda’s socialite scene keeps improving every day with new entrants and a few exists, we happen to bump unto many people who emerge to prove to us that they can sustain the industry especially loaded people call them money bags. Forget about the days of the late Ivan Ssemwanga and the Rich Gang, who were replaced by pencil thin Bryan White, this Ugandan and Kempten Allgau, Germany based new tycoon Ghetto King is here and ready to wash away Bryan White.

                                                                        New Tycoon Ghetto King

His real names are Nick Schleyer a Uganda born tycoon and an artiste at the same time holding the stage names of Nick Rasta and his all-time crown is Ghetto King which he explains that he is the King of all ghettos because he owns a ghetto empire worldwide. This is not just a matter of standing and becoming a tycoon but he has done a lot of things in Uganda here that has earned him respect.

Among those things he has done includes donating to the orphans especially schools, providing shelter to the needy and much more. Musically he has made world tours like the one in Nurnberg in Germany 2017, his own concert dubbed Awakening Europe which he had this year in January and many other international stages where he performs and donates at the same time.

He is currently in Uganda for different missions but mostly on those of helping the needy, build schools, staging free shows for Ugandans. He has done songs like Bintadde, Thriller, Ghetto, Street Boy, Mighty and many more that have also made him add value to his big name Ghetto King Nick Rasta.

“I am a humble person in that I don’t take showing off things serious like others, I don’t beef with anyone and I live humbly.”

Ghetto Kings asserted.

                                                                            Bryan White

He moved on and said that he is here to help just and go back to Germany,

“but I can assure every Ugandan that my time is now to help the needy fully, build schools and boost people’s lives.”

Ghetto King said while confirming his being here. He added that he has a dream for Uganda being a great nation when people are helped and taught how to earn and keep money.

Lets See how the battle between him and Bryan white goes.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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