Credit: Angella Katatumba and Kuzi Kz

When Angella Katatumba and Kuzi Kz were thumped by employees at Kitchen Tonight Kabalagala, many lashed out at the restaurant’s management condemning the act and threatening to boycott the restaurant’s services. This new video will have you reversing your judgement.

Anthony B, Angela K & Kuzi Kz in studio.

In the videos that leaked earlier showing Angella Katatumba and Kuzi Kz being brutally beaten by the Kabalagala based Kitchen Tonight restaurant staff could have been edited to the interests of the two victims. A series of videos have since been released indicating the actual reasons that may have led to the incident. The singers are being accused of having been drunk and were a nuisance which led to the scuffle.

There is now another video that has leaked online showing the two singers touching each other sexually at the restaurant’s reception, which may have sparked things off. Angella Katatumba is seen at the counter of Kitchen Tonight, supposedly making orders, and Kuzi Kz csexually holding her from the back and slapping her behind repeatedly, The two actually lock lips, and the Jamaican singer makes gestures to an onlooker probably suggesting sexual remarks and behavior.

Watch the video below;

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