Fans of Kenyan celebrity couple Wahu Kagwi and Nameless have urged the latter to stop kissing the former – his wife after she did the same with a giraffe.

Wahu posted a photo of herself with the giraffe – the star making tongue contact with the tallest living terrestrial mammal.

                              The Power couple with their children

Perhaps she thought it would turn out cool for her fans but it all turned bizarre with several pinning her for “cheating,” others requesting Nameless to deem her lips forbidden.

Did you know? The giraffe’s tongue usually measures 18-20 inches long. It is blue-black, and the color probably protects it from sunburn.

                                 Wahu Posing with the Giraffe

The length of the tongue helps it conveniently negotiate acacia tree’s tasty leaves that are protected by very sharp thorns.

Well with all the above, the might fans of Nameless are not ready to see him sharing a lover with a mammal.

                                             Nameless and Wahu


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