Tooro Kingdom queen mother Ms. Best Kemigisa has revealed the burial site of the monarchy and the land to her and the children.

She said this as she tried to defend herself before the land probe commission chaired by Justice Catherine Bamugemereirwe.

Queen Mother of Tooro, Her Royal Highness, Best Kemigisa (C), her lawyer, Michael Akampurira (L) and Princess Elizabeth Bagaya

A section of kingdom officials allege that the royal grabbed land and sold cultural sites such as burial grounds of their ancestors at Kagoma and Burongo in Kibitto and Kisomoro sub-counties respectively.

Kemigisa told the land commission that the land was given this property rightfully from her husband.

“We’re talking about the land which I inherited from my husband. Some members of Tooro kingdom came here and said I’m evicting people but I’ve never evicted people,”

she said.

                                                           Her Royal Highness, Best Kemigisa and Son King Oyo

“I am not surprised by those allegations, I went to court because the people who didn’t want me to get my late husband’s land are my sisters and brothers in-law….Even in Kitumba where I have my palace, there are burial site of the royals and the land belongs to me and my children.”

She added:

Well as MBU we can’t confirm this as the final verdict or the truth but we will keep you posted on what the Land committee will decide but hopefully justice will be done.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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