The past few hours have been dominated by the Jack Pemba sex-tape, the videos show a man alleged to be the city tycoon having sex with a lady only identified as Honey Suleman. Suleman claims Pemba released both videos of the sex-tape after she refused to pay USD 5,000 which he asked for.

Honey Suleman is totally a stranger to many of us, but most revelers in Jinja are familiar with the name and some actually know her as a popular socialite who always hangs out with the rich men in the lively city in the East. She is the lady seen on top of Jack Pemba in the sex-tape videos circulating online.

Honey Suleman

In her Facebook posts, Suleman claims that she has been in love with the city tycoon for quite some while and the videos being circulated were made as the two were having a personal intimate session. She however states that she is not surprised that Jack Pemba leaked the sex-tape since she knew it was his intention when he asked for USD 5,000 from her in order not to release the videos online.

Jack Pemba in recent weeks has been in hiding following the arrest warrant that was issued by court on Monday over failure to service the USD 300,000 soft loan he obtained from Godfrey Kirumira in December last year. This is the reason maybe he demanded for USD 5,000 from Honey Suleman in trying to obtain funds to escape his troubles.

Jack Pemba

In her Facebook post after the first video leaked, Honey Suleman wrote;

I know about the video and my whole family is aware of it. If Jack Pemba felt like it was okay to share our intimate moment when we were both in love, I have nothing to do about it. He is an old and mature man and am sure he had his own intentions leaking it. So please stop calling me and telling me about it…

She then made another post after Jack Pemba allegedly threatened to release the second video. The post read;

Like I said before I am not paying anyone any amount of money for your black mails. You can release the second video as well am not paying anyone 5000usd for videos we made out of love. My family is not paying anything.So Jack Pemba feel free to release the second video as well. You won’t have anything else to black mail me with. Am a strong woman.

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