Music promoter Suudiman and Bukedde TV’s Fifi Da Queen seem not to have buried the hatchet as yet. The female TV presenter has reignited the fire that had settled with words that may cut Suudi really deep, and lead to a dangerous revelation, as earlier promised by the music promoter.

At the end of last year, when Fifi Da Queen came out to publicly show off and announced plans of finally wedding her boyfriend Fab Love, a couple of men surfaced with claims that Fifi was a woman nobody should ever marry. Suudi also arose with a story about how he was once in love with Fifi and he too claimed Fab Love had fallen into a very dangerous trap.

Fifi Da Queen and Fab Love

When Fifi Da Queen retaliated, Suudi exposed Fifi about how the two once had a romp in a car and even threatened to release the sex-tape if Fifi ever denounced his allegations. Adamantly, the TV presenter gave Suudi a go-ahead saying that he was only making empty threats and he had no recording whatsoever pinning Fifi to immoral acts. Weel, Suudi failed to release the sex-tape, and the entire saga somehow disappeared in thin air.


With the trending Jack Pemba sex-tape , Suudiman came up and asserted that Honey Suleman did not do a good job with Pemba like Fif Da Queen would, insinuating that Fifi does better. This compelled Fifi Da Queen to roar back which she did through a post saying;

You may shoot me with your words, you may cut me with your eyes, you may kill me with your hatefulness but still like air I will rise. Does my appearance, attitude looks n success upset you? Does it come like a surprise to you that I live like I got diamonds and leading my race? Even with the scaring history of my humble beginning I rise after my past that wounded and pained I raise. And after all the noise u make I put my crown on and queen.

This is likely to take a few fresh twists, we shall keep you posted.

Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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