Jack Pemba and Honey Suleman

Honey Suleman has refuted Jack Pemba’s statements he made yesterday denying to be the person in the sex-tape that is making rounds online, and she has reaffirmed that the man in the videos is Jack himself and he should stop threatening her because she has more evidence.

The trending story since the start of the week has been of the sex-tape alleged to be of city tycoon Jack Pemba and Honey Suleman, a socialite in the making. The videos have been making rounds on social media and Honey Suleman came out to allege that it is Jack Pemba who leaked the videos online.

Honey Suleman

Kack Pemba denied the allegations yesterday, distancing himself from the entire mess. Pemba said that he is not the person in the videos that are going around. He also denied making any apology on social media and that the Facebook account most people are claiming to be his is only a fake account operated by impostors. He said he is currently out of the country on business terms and will clarify on the matter as soon as he returns.

Now however, Honey Suleman who is identified easily as the girl in the sex-tape has dismissed Pemba’s claims and reaffirmed that it is Pemba in the video with her. She said;

“Everybody should understand that the video is not made up. He is trying to threaten me with it. The video is already in circulation, even my friends are now sending it to me. He was my husband and he even has more videos like that. When we broke up he told me he had deleted the videos and it had all ended. I have not been communicating with him for over six months, and I did not even know where he is because I have no contact with him. I have screenshots asking him why he would do such a thing. I am 21 years old, and me and him were in love by the time we made those videos. I even got tattoos of him and when we broke up and I removed them he put me in Red Pepper saying that I had removed his tattoos, he exposed me so much in the tabloids but I just let it go. I have never insulted him and I respected him. I want you to know that he is an old man but he is tarnishing my name. I do not know if he wants to sell the videos and get money, I don’t know what he wants. He is spoiling my name.

Well, for now I guess we shall just wait for Jack Pemba to return and have his verdict on these allegations. We shall always keep you posted.

Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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