Before any lady decides to hit the gym, it is important to identify the cause of extra fat around their abdomen because changes in the habitual rhythm of life, eating habits and work always affect the human body.

One should determine the type of their belly to effectively get rid of the fat on the stomach since it is every woman’s dream to rock a beach wear, or fit in that evening dress she loves without the struggle of hiding unwanted flesh.

Sadly, most of these dreams are thwarted with many women resorting to over-sized clothes. While others have resorted to hitting the gym, some have opted for shortcuts to deal with the extra fat.

But before you hit that gym or take that herbal tea, there are some things you need to understand first. One needs to know the type of belly they have to help them pick on the right routine to efficiently get rid of that under fat.

Meanwhile MBU has outlined the five types of bellies and how to efficiently reduce them.

  1. Stressed Belly This appears due to stress. Most of the fat in the abdomen is in the front and in the navel area. One will need to avoid stress, limit coffee consumption and eat more foods containing magnesium.
  2. Hormonal Belly In order to get rid of this belly, you need to limit low-fat food and to eat more avocados, fish, nuts and eggs
  3. Bloated Belly Such appears because of a bad diet or because of the intolerance of some foods and allergies. One needs do more cardio exercises and to sleep better.
  4. Alcohol Belly Lovers of the bottle can relate to this one very well. You will need to limit alcohol consumption and eat a lot of vegetables and fruits.
  5. Mummy Belly If you are a first time mom, then this must be one of those things giving you sleepless nights. Worry no more, you will need more foods containing useful fat like fish, nuts, oils and olives.

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