As a quite multitude expected to see a well-built Rick Ross, Kenyans on Social Media have claimed that the organizers of the NRG Wave concert flew in a ‘fake’ Rick Ross

Rick Ross showed up looking all lean and not as most Kenyans are used to see him on TV.  Kenyans created a series of hilarious social media posts and memes to prove he was not the real Rick Ross.

Celebrated American rapper Rick Ross on Friday, April 27, landed at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport ready to entertain revelers at the highly publicized NRG Wave concert as he is scheduled to perform at the concert set for Saturday, April 28, at the Carnivore, Nairobi alongside local acts such as Fena Gitu and Nyashinski.

Rick’s Kenyan fans had been waiting for the star eagerly so that they can finally fulfill their dreams of meeting the star.

However, his arrival in the country was received with mixed reactions by Kenyans with many claiming he was not the real Rick Ross. According to throngs of music lovers and social media users, the organisers of the event flew in a ‘fake’ Rick Ross since what they saw was not what they expected.

It should be noted that Kenyans have always known the rapper as a well-built individual with a body similar to a huge water tank. However, the Rick who arrived in the country seemed quite lean and totally different from what Kenyans are accustomed to seeing on TV.

Here are some of the Tweets;

With this, countless Kenyans made public in a series of hilarious Social Media posts and memes seen by MBU online. We understand that the rapper is as real as he is only that he cut down his weight after falling ill and workouts.

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