The late Mowzey Radio. Credit: Nelly Salvator

Today marked exactly three months since Mowzey Radio died. It might seem like such a short time but for Radio’s fans and family, the three months must have been the longest they have been through. Weasel wrote a message for his fallen brother, check it out;

On February 1st 2018, grief struck music fans across Africa with the official announcement of Mowzey Radio’s death. Radio, real names Moses Nakintije Ssekibogo, died after days in hospital following the injuries he sustained during a bar brawl at a bar in Entebbe.

Radio’s death came as a shocker for the music fraternity and different personalities allover Africa; including celebrities off all kinds and fans sent out their condolences. A couple of artistes as well went ahead and released tribute songs to arguably one of the greatest musicians on the African continent.

Today (May 1st 2018) marked three months since the ‘Neera’ singer left the face of the earth and a few celebrities remembered to commemorate the day in respect of the fallen singer. Weasel Manizo, who was Radio’s closest friend and singing partner in the Radio & Weasel duo, wrote a message to remember his fallen brother.

Weasel mourns Mowzey Radio, and AK47.

Weasel wrote;

Rest In Peace Radio!

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