Zuena Kirema showed her Musoga side yesterday when she settled for a rolex instead of the different foods rich people eat. The CEO Zuena Events elaborated on how hard it has been for her to juggle responsibilities and still successfully run her businesses.


Despite being referred to Bebe Cool’s wife always, Zuena Kirema has made it on her own as a business lady, a hard and stressful life not many celebrities want to venture in. Despite being a wife to one of Uganda’s top musicians, Zuena has never been the woman to sit home and wait for her husbands money, she goes out and works hard to make ends meet like any other ordinary woman.

You should wonder how she juggles the responsibilities of being a mother of many children and also a successful business woman, coupled with the issues that come with being famous. Zuena says it is never easy for her and she has worked really hard to get to where she is.

Zuena revealed her secret in a post on social media on Labor Day. She posted a photo of her eating a rolex, with the caption;

I celebrate today like I’ve never before for so many reasons, I’ve seen my business grow from zero to something am proud of. 6 years in the baking industry and 3 years in the decoration industry. It’s surely been a bumpy road I went through and still going through, from insults, eating late or not at all because of time, learning, clients from all walks of life but here I am today standing tall and proud, and gearing for even better services for my clients. The best part of my work is when a client walks to me after am done working, with that WOW on their face and tells me, “this is so beautiful and yet very affordable, people are just scared to approach you because of your name”. I be blushing. Meanwhile let me sit and eat my Rolex, hihihi. Happy Labor Day

Well, such a hardworking lady. Who else wants a rolex?

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