Ethics minister Simon Lokodo says he is hunting for socialite Jack Pemba after he allegedly leaked a sex tape he’s reportedly got involved in.

According to results from a joint investigation between his ministry and Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), Pemba has been established as the author of the video only that he cropped himself.

                                  Ethics Minister Simon Lokodo

“Jack Pemba is the author of the video that has been making rounds on social media. The anti-pornography committee and UCC have established that it was Jack Pemba,”

he said.

On April 24, the Tanzanian born socialite allegedly released on social media, a video clip of him having sex with Suleman but later came out to quash notions of his involvement.

                                                 Jack Pemba and Honey Suleman

Mr Lokodo said both Pemba and Suleman are currently on the run but will be arrested on sight.

“Jack Pemba and the lady in the video are currently at large,”

Mr Lokodo said, adding that they will be arrested anytime.

Pemba’s whereabouts

It is believed Jack Pemba is on the run with the scandal causing him more problems as the days go by.

He has reportedly fled to Congo since.

It can’t be forgotten as well that he is battling another court case of Shs1.1 billion debt filed by businessman Godfrey Kirumira.

Will he survive? Time will tell.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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