Just about a week after her nude pictures and videos leaked online, Desire Luzinda had a recording session with Mowzey Radio and the songstress says Radio is the first person who gave her real courage and inspirational words that helped her overcome the situation that was then still fresh on her mind.

While on the NTV ‘Mwasuze Mutya’ show with Faridah Nakazibwe today morning, Desire Luzinda revealed in detail about how she overcame her 2014 scandal when her ex boyfriend Franklin Emuobor leaked nude pictures and videos online of them making love. Among the people she thinks helped her through her situation, Desire pointed out slain singer Mowzey Radio as one who encouraged her to keep going on with life despite her troubles.

The ‘Ekitone’ songstress revealed that she was friends with Radio and when they met a week after her nudes were leaked online, he sat her down and began to talk extensively about what had befell her and what she had to expect in future about the entire scenario. He emphasized that she was going to be big and famous, and rich.

Radio had this to say to the troubled broken Desire;

“Desire, you are gonna be big. Such things do not happen to ordinary people without a purpose in this world. You will be big. You are gonna be rich, and you will be famous.”

Desire Luzinda wondered if Radio was drunk when he uttered those words. She did not buy any bit of what Radio was selling to her at that moment, but the Goodlyfe singer insisted that the scandal was one to help her in life and encouraged her to keep her head high and be strong.

It is for this particular reason that Desire Luzinda highly respected Mowzey Radio because he was such an inspirational figure in her personal life and also in her music career because he wrote for her a couple of songs including the ‘Ekitone’ song which he actually wrote weeks before the nudes leaked.

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The ‘Manyi Gamukyala’ singer also thinks Mowzey Radio was a prophet with a hidden talent that he had not yet discovered about himself. In her own words Desire says Radio had a ‘calling’ and for the few times they interacted, he always told her about futuristic events which she has actually lived to eventually experience.

Desire Luzinda and Radio & Weasel

Desire Luzinda also stated that she was deeply saddened by the passing on of Mowzey Radio because he was her personal friend and someone she treasured so much.

Rest In Peace Radio!

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