The alleged boyfriend to a one Shamim, whose video of her undressing for her “lover”, Matovu Chacha Phenix has claimed he’s being framed for leaking it.

Chacha says he was tagged “Yasin” and publicly revealed as the individual who leaked the video.

Matovu issued a statement via his account on Facebook that strongly refuted the allegations, adding that he had reported the individual to police because he actually knew him.

                                     Chacha Matovu who is alleged to be Yasin

“Someone is using my photos alleging that am a one Yasin working at Galilaya Plaza who leaked a private video of a girl that has been circulating on social media,”

the statement read.

“I want to categorically make it very clear that all my life, I’ve never had “Yasin” as one of my names, as you all must be aware, my full name isMatovu Phenix and “Chacha is my middle and Nick name.

“The person who is spreading those lies had an intention of tarnishing my name and putting me in trouble.

                                           Shamim whose video was leaked

“I know the person behind all this and I’ve reported the matter to the Police and they will do the needful immediately. They are going to arrest the person.”

Shamim’s video that leaked is still trending and going viral. She is based in Dubai and according to her own account, she believes it was leaked by her boyfriend who demanded for Shs 1m before.

In the video, she’s in a towel after showering and later drops it in the guise of pleasing her lover after explaining her long day of work.

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