When you are doing the right thing that people love with the right team around you, everything seems to go your way. That is exactly what could be happening with singer Maro Ronald who was hit with a surprise birthday by his fans last night at Nanjing Restaurant, Lugogo.

Today (7th May) is the date on which Busoga’s finest and East Africa’s legendary R&B singer Maro Ronald was born. Like any other ordinary person, Maro was hoping to organize a birthday party for his family, friends, and fans to attend in celebration of him turning 31, but he was instead surprised by a mega party organized by his fans who ambushed him with a big cake and showered him with love and gifts.

Maro was called by one of the Team Maro members who requested him to attend and sing at a friend’s party at Nanjing Restaurant. On reaching he saw a few of his friends’ faces which to him confirmed that indeed it was a party for one of the members in Team Maro.

He sang a few songs in a relatively not well lit room, until all the lights were switched on very much to his surprise who then realized it was a prank made to celebrate him.

A very happy Maro talked to us about how that happened. He said;

It’s my birthday today. I got a surprise party celebrating into the day. At Midnight we cut the cake with the amazing Team Maro members at Nanjing restaurant Lugogo by pass. I got in the prank when they told me I had a performance to surprise one of my fans who you was turning 34 and he was my name sake. Believe me this was my first surprise and Real prank because I came in and sung to the crowd in the dark ignoring all the few faces I first recognized as my friends not until they switched on the Lights and I saw all my die-hards group members That is when I stopped singing.

How cool his fans must be! Happy Birthday from us Maro.

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