Gordon Wavamunno and his Wife

Former WBS TV owner and tycoon Gordon Wavamunno has decried the exploitative nature of the “Tugende Mukikadde” event organisers after they forced him to purchase items on auction simply because he’s a renowned well-to-do businessman.

Wavamunno was disgruntled at the fact that they stuck around him to force his hand for the goods he sincerely didn’t want to purchase.

                                                                                 Some of the revelers at the sold out show

The battle to have him open his wallet was tight as he initially refused to accept the items but he later gave in and told the auctioneers to pick Shs 1 million from his office this week.

“I am sick and tired of this issue of coming to concerts and people start auctioning items to you yet you have paid entrance fees and other items. I think this kind of behaviour should come to an end”,

Wavamunno Lamented.

                                         Gordon Wavamunno and his Wife

When the organisers got a sense of Wavamunno’s reaction, the auction was immediately halted as Chance Nalubega sealed the night with a great cameo.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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