Local songstress Brown Shugar was brutally beaten by her husband Sipapa, and photos of her severely bruised bare back are circulating online. She is now asking the concerned authorities to do something to condemn the act and find justice for her.

Sipapa (Left), and Serena Bata.

When Serena Bata cried foul of music promoter Sipapa’s bad behaviors, most of you did not believe it as others claimed those were family issues that did not require your indulgence. The city tycoon has now been involved in another brutality case involving his other wife, also a singer, Brown Shugar.

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Brown Shugar shows off her bruised body.

The circumstance that led to the battering have not yet been discovered but yesterday afternoon, Brown Shugar made a post seemingly directed towards Sipapa, claiming she was not a coward and he was ignorant and arrogant. The post read;

Am not a coward, I give respect, and I always appreciate rather than insulting. God have mercy upon your ignorance and arrogance. #SenseOfMaturity

The next post to come from the local artiste was of her crying out loud from hospital about how Sipapa had injured her severely and taken her belongings. so badly and he has taken my belongings, and how she was scared for her life.

Brown Shugar then feared that Sipapa might go free regarding the fact that he is rich and will find a way around the entire situation untouched, but what she needs are her belongings including a business he took from her.

Brown Shugar asks that authorities and female activists take the responsibility and fight for her rights by bringing Sipapa to justice.

This is still a developing story and we shall keep you updated about the entire situation.


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