Shamim whose nude video was leaked with her dropping her towel after taking a bath while seemingly explaining to her boyfriend what she had gone through during a tough day of work has spoken out.

The girl says she can’t comprehend why the boyfriend released the video in the first place despite negligible misunderstandings between the two.

                           Chacha Matovu who is alleged to be Yasin

The tape is said to have been leaked by her boyfriend only identified as Yasin Matovu who has a boutique at Galilaaya Plaza in Kampala downtown. He reportedly asked for Shs 1m from Shamim but she refused to give him and he got furious leaking her sex tape.

In her account, she says he (who she addresses as ‘Ivan’) picked her from the airport the day of her arrival from Dubai back to Uganda, but when she insisted on having quite an extended chat with her parents, “Ivan” couldn’t take any longer, concluding that she had other men.

                                                          Shamim whose video was leaked

“Ivan” who seemed troubled left her at her parent’s home and his whereabouts couldn’t be traced since.

She says he no longer inhabited his old home and even the plot of land she had jointly bought with him was gone too.

When she went ahead to get in touch with “Ivan’s” sister, she felt it was a stretch dragging her into the mix of a love affair gone wrong.

Here is her account as revealed by Show Biz Uganda though most of it is in local dialect (Luganda).

“I will not expose the guy but all what he did, God will pay him back in cash even recipients will be given to him inshallah. …….
i am called Shamim I don’t need to hide anything because you guys have seen my face already mundabye nzena, I have been in relationship with my guy for over two years, we have been sharing each and everything, we have gone through hardships in life day and night (misana nakiro).
Obuzibu buvudewa…..? Ntuka nga ngula plot sente nze nazimuwereza was about 17m but what the guy did, he bought the plot in his names which was ok coz I trusted him with all my heart wemba nasobola okujamu pant yange nenebaka naye what else could stop me from trusting him of course nothing. We went ahead, twagula plot endala contract yange nga ewedeko ekirunji eno plot eyokubiri najigula mu mannya gange ekisera bwe kyatuuka nalinnya ennyonyi nenkomawo ekka nensisinkana boyfriend wange by the way he is the one who picked me up from Entebbe airport and dropped me at my mummy’s place was around 2:00pm nagamba Ivan aninde nyumyeeko ne bakade bange Ivan yagana yatandika okwekyanga mbu seems I have other guys to meet yayogera ebikankana. I decided to sleep home on that day because the guy whom I wanted to be with yekyanga.

The following day I managed to get a phone and call Ivan but he never picked my calls I tried to contact his sister tutule twogere ne boyfriend Ivan yagana, nayagala okugamba sister wa Ivan nti I bought a plot mu mannya ga Ivan so that may be we can find any solution kwegamba nga nakyo ndaba tekijja that was btn me and my sweet nakyo nga ndaba tekijja. Nakomawo ekampala nga Ivan weyali asula yasengukawo naye nga twasigaza simu kwe twogerera oba olyawo nandigenze ewa Ivan byona nga mpaawo.
nadamu okubira Ivan nga esimu teriko nejebuli eno now two weeks in Kampala but I have never seen Ivan again am stranded am regretting, I don’t know what do..why punishing me to this extent?? What shocked me today is to wake up in the morning seeing my video all over the social media platform ngudewo ekigwo.
Ivan used my money and bought a plot in his names without my knowledge but after he explained to me I played it cool cz I loved him sagwaamu mannyi nanonya sente endala nengula plot eyokubiri ekirunji nagula mu mannya gange ekyo mukama nannyamba.. Ivan yandize nangamba nti Shamim, you are no longer have any space in my heart anymore ekyo nenkimanya instead of realising that video. For plot issue that was my mistake
Surely I don’t know what to do.
I don’t know why he is doing all that to me only God knows.
I have nothing to add on it.”

The only surviving civilian Afande

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