Shine Omukiga

Western Uganda’s music industry has for a long time been neglected for reasons best known to the media but with the latest bang dubbed “Omudarasini” from Shine Omukiga and CJ Champion, we might receive a new wave in the media.

Nyonyozi Shine Angella, popularly known in western Uganda as Shine Omukiga is a sister to Uganda’s best female Comedian Anna Kansiime and current working with western based station Vision Radio.

                                                                          Shine Omukiga

“Omudarasini” is her latest bang that she will add on other hits like Magnet, Omukundwa, No Relaxing among others. In this same song Shine Omukiga collaborates with another western talented breed CJ Champion who is currently enjoying a steady raise in his music career with his tune “Muhara Wa Bishiop” that is currently rated as NO.1 song in western Uganda.

                                                       Cj Champion

“Omudarasini” is a plant used mostly in western Uganda to add flavor in Milk however in this song it represents flavored love a husband enjoys from his wife.

CJ Champion introduces the song with his Magical Voice as Shaine Omukiga blends in with her sexy catching voice in a more of Rukiga accent that gives it a traditional catch.

Ladies and Gentlemen before you here is “Omudarasini” from CJ Champion and Shine Omukiga

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