As the New Kidnapping vice continues to rise at a higher rate in our beloved country Uganda with no clear explanations from all the security organs, 19 Year old Brinah Nalule has become the latest victim.

Nalule Brinah was reportedly kidnapped on Sunday Evening 6th May, 2018 from around Old Taxi Park in Kampala by men who pretended to be taxi operators taking the Ziroobwe route where she was boarding to go.

                                                          Late Brinah Nalule

According to the Kampala Metropolitan police spokesman Luke Owoyesigyire, the kidnappers asked for a ransom of Shs. 10m from the parents on condition that he should not involve Police and failure to pay will result into the death of the girl.

“Her kidnappers demanded Shs10m from parents but parents decided to involve police. The kidnappers strangled her and dumped the body in Kibaawo zone in Mutundwe, Rubaga Division in Kampala,”

Mr Owoyesigyire said.

A police investigator involved in the case said the relatives pleaded with the kidnappers to lower the amount of the ransom but there were no adjustments till the fate full day when her body was found dumped.

Well last year in 2017, at least 24 cases of kidnap were reported to the police. Of these 24, one person was found dead, 15 were rescued alive while eight are still missing and according to a report by the Flying Squad Unit of the police, 27 suspects were arrested, 16 were charged in courts of law and 11 are under inquiry.

2018 might be worse since only February registered six and we are probably still counting.

Rest Perfectly Brinah Nalule.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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