Contrary to Uganda’s entertainment industry where the ‘Big dogs’ have managed to keep their places in high slots, Rwanda’s music industry is totally the opposite since the raising stars are turning it all over and latest being Kane with “Ndimurukundo

Rwandan born Prosper Nshuti who is commonly known by his stage name ‘Kane‘ and is a brother to a Christopher Muneza a prominent musician in Rwanda has currently become the talk of the nation after releasing his single tune dubbed “Ndimurukundo”.

The sweetest love hit maker started to sing at the age of eight said that it is a bout time he exploited his talent to contribute to betterment of Rwandan music.

The new star went on to laud his brother Christopher Muneza for managing him. He gives relief that he comes in the music for enhancement and expects positive changes.

“Ndimurukundo” is a kinyarwanda word that literally translates as “Am In Love”

Here is the Song by Kane;

The only surviving civilian Afande

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