Weasel has blasted fans who have constantly made it a point to attack him about his current behavior since the departure of Mowzey Radio. A WhatsApp group consisting of Radio and Weasel fans picked a fight on Weasel sighting his lack of direction and lamenting that if Radio was still around, Goodlyfe would be a better team.

The late Mowzey Radio, and Weasel.

Most celebrities in Uganda have teams to run their public relations and social media. Team Radio and Weasel has been in existence for close to six years now, but it seems to be falling apart now. The reason some team members raise however is that ever since Mowzey Radio’s death, Weasel has abandoned his duties as a celebrity towards the team, and he no longer wants to listen to their advice which the deceased never took for granted when he was still alive.

Weasel in retaliation sent a voice-note threatening to beat up those who criticize him in the group. He mentioned some names making it clear that he knows those who are not in support of his behaviors. He went ahead to state that he is fed up of singing and he is now enjoying the fruits of his labor.

The ‘Tokyayitaba’ singer went ahead to make it clear that Radio died and so they should stop coming to him with Radio’s issues. He pointed out that Angel Music is his record label and not Radio’s as most of the people thought. He claimed that he is the one who registered the record label. He then told those who miss Radio to go and dig up his grave and eat his corpse.

Listen to the audio below;


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