Meddie Sentongo is a Ugandan socialite whose fame is characterized by a lavish life and women. He was often been named in many scandalous stories in the past but he seems to have changed his lifestyle and he is looking forward to inspiring the youths through leading by example.

The once trending city tycoon took a step back from the active social scene to refocus on his personal life ever since he left prison, and for a couple of years he has managed to stay away from the public eye and if you do not follow him on social media then you might even never get a chance to bump into him anywhere, now even in the tabloids.

Meddie Sentongo who owns businesses within Uganda and abroad has embarked on an effort to sensitize the youths about dangers of living recklessly. Having tasted that lavish life, you would think he is the best person to look unto by youths of a very vulnerable generation.

In a way of refuting rumors that have for many years been circulating claiming Meddie Sentongo is HIV positive, and to encourage more youths to come out and test for HIV, the city Socialite took to social media and displayed his HIV results to his followers.

[media-credit name=”Meddie’s test results” align=”aligncenter” width=”720″][/media-credit]

Not many celebrities will openly display these results on such platforms, if they are brave enough to go and test, but Meddie says he is not shy to let the world know his status and asks his followers to go and check for their own results, and start living healthily.

We cannot ascertain the authenticity of these results, but you can watch Meddie Sentongo’s full live video elaborating more on the issue;

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