Ever since Zari Hassan called it quits with Tanzania’s music star and father of her two kids Diamond Platnumz, a lot of speculations have been spreading in and out on why the power couple everyone could have wanted to be like couldn’t make it happen till Zari spilled it all out.

Uganda’s socialite Zari Hassan also known as Zari The Boss Lady has stated that the main reason she quit the relationship with Tanzania based musician Diamond Platnumz is because Diamond often misbehaved on social media with different ladies.

                                                  Zari Hassan Recently In Kenya for a Charity Event

“I did not want my boys to grow up with such an example of a father who disrespects women”

Zari Narrated.

The mother of five went on and revealed that she loved and still loves Platnumz but the rate he was disappointing her she felt like she could not take it any more.

Zari said all this in a recent interview on Kenya based Classic 105 radio station during her visit to the country.

Watch the full interview here.

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