Since mid last year, the name Bryan White has been on everyone’s mouth. The man who seems to have redefined the social life of Kampala has had most of the big wigs in the celebrity circle around him and whenever he barks, it is final and none of his followers dares to say a word. That is the power of money, big money.

From Jose Chameleone – who actually left ‘The Podium’ only to return with apology, to Weasel who seemed to have found his foot amidst the troubles surrounding him. Pallaso who looked at Bryan White as a father figure, to numerous comedians whose job was to make sure the circle was always smiling. King Micheal who found the closest spot to his boss and never let it go, among many other celebrities, all at the mercy of the Bryan White Foundation.

Such a big group accompanied with the best Public Relations team, and the support of a few media personalities – what could have possibly gone wrong? That is the big question being asked now after the disbandment of the infamous ‘PODIUM’ by the boss, Bryan White.

First, ignore the source of the money. We might never understand that now despite the various conspiracy theories that have been formulated over such a short period of time. Maybe it came from Italy, or the government, or wherever. All we knew was that it was available and readily so for disposal.

In a flash, the kingdom came to a halt on 13th May 2018 with a statement from the self-proclaimed ‘Voice of Bryan White’ Raymond Soulfa a.k.a Peng Peng that all artistes had been fired from the Brian White Foundation. His statement read;

The statement came just after Bryan White had met the President of Uganda H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni at the Mackay Church fundraising in Wakaliga, Nateete. The philanthropist offered a hand and contributed UGX 8 million to the estimated UGX 3 billion needed to construct the church.

Could the President have advised him on his eventual decision? Well, we do not know, but we can speculate on the following reasons possibly being part of the many reasons that could have led to the disbandment of the artistes from the Brian White Foundation:

-Failure To Follow Rules And Regulations.

It is a public secret that celebrities all around the world are not familiar with abiding by rules, laws and regulations. That is why they are usually in and out of courts of law, and jails. When it comes to Ugandan celebrities, it is even worse due to the fact that many have made friends with the law enforcers and feel they are privileged and quite above the law. This could have followed to haunt them even in the Bryan White Foundation where a set of rules were placed for the celebrities to follow.

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Some of the rules were about the dressing code as they were all expected to put on the foundation’s provided uniforms with badges whenever on the foundation’s duties. Many violated the rule showing up dressed casually at the different activities of the foundation. Some others felt the need to be different and chose to wear grey uniforms on the days when blue was the theme of the day.

-Heavy Salary And Allowances, Lavish Lifestyle Of The Celebrities.

One of the biggest causes of rifts amongst celebrities is money. When Bryan White recruited the big names in the entertainment industry he knew exactly what he was going to face. In luring them to join, he offered them large amounts of money in allowances and an agreed salary was agreed, depending on the influence each individual had on the public. For example; If Chameleone received UGX 500,000 in allowances daily, Big Eye walked away with Shs 150,000. It already sounds unreasonable, doesn’t it?

Also, celebrities are expected to live a certain way. The bar is raised and they have to always live above the line. That means that Bryan White had to make sure the celebrities in his foundation eat from those expensive hotels, dress the expensive brands, use the latest iPhones, and the quality of music videos had to improve for the singers. Some achieved it, the likes of Weasel, King Micheal, Big Eye, and even Jose Chameleone have released possibly their best videos within their time on ‘the podium’.

It was a good plan, and the artistes felt comfortable working around the sum. The branding was exceptional and it seemed like a few good lessons were being learnt by the celebrities. The big question however was, for how long was that supposed to last? Did Bryan White have enough money to keep the flow of money steady all through? The answer is ‘NO’. There is no way the skinny tycoon would have kept spending all that cash on a daily for long.

-Maybe Bryan White Had A Target And He Achieved It.

In such a very short time, Bryan White must have met all the people he ever wanted to meet in his life. People he must have looked at with total respect, if not fear in his early life, mutually accorded him even more respect now that he had the money.

From the President, to the Kabaka of Buganda, to the Katikiro, Ministers, Members of Parliament, and many other influential figures of this country all mentioned his name with compliments. If that was his target, we are very sure he achieved it and that could be the reason he disbanded the whole lot immediately after meeting the President.

-Could His Accounts Have Ran Dry?

One other eventuality that you possibly always expected to happen was for his pockets to run dry. With Bryan White’s extravagant expenditure and the lavish lifestyle of those surrounding him, money was always going to decrease. This could also have been the reason he let the celebrities go so that he can work around a downsized budget to keep his social class up there.

We are yet to discover the real truth, but we are sure all the above are possible reasons that could have led to the collapse of ‘the podium’.

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Whichever the case, Bryan White managed to help and empower many youths with employment opportunities and the handouts he gave must have solved a couple of problems for many. Surely for those few that benefited, the name will forever sound right in their ears whenever it is mentioned and they must be praying he is blessed for his big heart.

Now however that the celebrities have been offloaded, what is next for Bryan White?

We shall keep you in the know of what his next move is.

Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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