It might sound quite impossible in many African countries but Kenyan rapper, Octopizzo, is taking a bold step barring anyone from taking a photo of him without his permission. The ‘Ivo Ivo’ singer is fed up of photographers who start up drama using his pictures.

It is common and very okay for anyone to pullout their cameras and take pictures whenever they see their favorite celebrity. Some are polite enough to ask for selfies whenever they get the chance to get really close to their role models. Others however just take the snaps without the permission of the public figures.

Where these photos end is Octopizzo’s problem. The Kenyan rapper is fed up of photographers who attend his events only to take controversial photos and create drama on social media and blog sites. The popular East African rapper is now taking action to stop paparazzi from taking his photos of him without his permission.

Octopizzo made his intentions very clear through the tweet below;

PSA: To all photographers who come to my events and take photos of me without permission and then start online Dramas here you go.

Following Octopizzo’s public notice, whoever violates the terms stated in respect to the rapper’s reserved rights will risk a heavy fine, or worse still a jail sentence of up to five years, or both. According to the copyright law in Kenya;

Any person who falsely or maliciously lodges a take down notice or a counter notice commits an offence and shall, upon conviction, be liable to a fine not exceeding Sh500 or to imprisonment for a term of five years, or to both.

A take down notice is simply an affidavit or any other declaration attesting to claim of ownership. This means now that Octopizzo reserves all rights to his images henceforth and photographers are in for a rough ride if they dare fail to follow suit.

Yes, just like you, I too did not think such was possible in these East African countries of ours. But well, the line has been drawn, just avoid being on the other side of it.

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