The emergency of Bryan White on the Ugandan Social scene caused some disruptive changes in the allegiance structure within the music industry. He declared the existence of The Podium upon which he wanted to place several musicians for undisclosed benefits.

His several tours to some places under the Bryan White Foundation were dotted with the presence of some top musicians notably the Trio brotherhood of Jose Chameleone, Weasle and Pallaso. The likes of Alex Muhangi, King Michael and the Big-eye Star Boss were literally feeding of the socialite’s palms in anticipation of the benefits that came with the Podium.

                                           Bryan White and Betty Kamya on a Church Fundraising

With the sort of allegiances that Bryan White managed to muscle off many music promotion houses, he was for once the in thing. Two pictures stand of this fracas, Weasel carrying sacks of God knows what and King Michael posing with the ML Benz allegedly donated by the Socialite. This article will not delve into the money throwing antics but hey they attracted the attention of everyone including the politicians alike.

In a perfect show of his growing ascendance Bryan White was invited together with President Museveni on May 13th 2018, at a fundraising function organised by Mackay Church found in Wakaliga Nateete. After their rendezvous, it is believed that Bryan White switched off the ‘life support’ machine onto which he had connected the Musicians. Many are struggling to reach him, their calls go unanswered and MBU can confirm that some musicians have openly declared that they have jumped out of the circus.

                                         Bryan White, Weasle, Pallaso and King Micheal

To many the disassociation with the Bryan White Foundation borders bodily harm since the artists had completely switched allegiances. Those who are conversant with the Entertainment Industry will know that without promoters most of our Artists are like a dictator without an army. They are nothing! In the days to come they will be at the mercy of the Paparazzi who will be taking embarrassing photographs with cold blooded efficiency as the artists try to mend their previous relationships. What is on everyone’s mind is what the President discussed with the Socialite to cause him a terribly consequential change of heart.

                                                       Bryan White Foundation Team

Lately, our social media pages have been awash with the pictures of Cuban Doctors and associated commentary. During Labour Day celebrations, the president accused the Ugandan Doctors of lack of patriotism and supported the importation of Cuban Doctors. Has Bryan white been asked to spearhead the invitation of Cuban artists since the Sudden disappearance of artists from the Podium came only after one day he had met the President? 

Mbu will keep you posted.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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