The Union in Holy Matrimony between Prince Harry and Fashionista Meghan Markle is the thing today. There are no questions as to where the millions of lenses will be focused as the millions of TV stations and marketeers look to profit from the exuberance of the Royal Wedding.

With multitudes pointing to the Windsor Castle for the unique wedding and a few remnants facing Wembley Stadium to witness the FA Cup Final as Chelsea FC and Manchester United fight for this season’s Top honors in the world’s oldest football cup competition, the world Focus is on the UK. Besides the Royal Family has strong attachment to both events.

                    Prince William Handing over a medal to an Arsenal Player on the FA Cup Final

Why is Harry and Meghan’s wedding unique?

The Prince, currently the 5th inline to inherit the English throne is wedding and this means that his bride has a realistic chance of being the Queen of England.

Meghan, the bride is from a mixed race, has black genes (forget her real looks) and this is unique to the UK which is known to stick like glue to its traditions. A black Queen of England is after today a realistic possibility.

                                                          Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

The Princess Diana factor. Remember that Goddess who died in a Paris Crash in August 1997? She was an advocate of non discriminatory living, a Fashion Icon and the most Photographed Woman in the world. Well, in her duties as a Guardian Angel, she will watch over a black daughter in law and a Fashion guru step into the thick of a rather conservative British Culture to unlearn, learn and re learn.

Meghan will be walked down the isle by her prospective father in law, Prince Charles. This Is after her father failed to make it to the wedding due to ill health. Her choice of the Monarch father figure instead of her mother has left many shocked and complaining. To the traditional Britons, it’s just perfect.

                                                              The Wife and Husband To Be

It is estimated that the Royal Wedding will cost a staggering £32M but will generate £80M for the economy. Well that’s uniquely expensive but expected of the Queens family.

Well, just like the rest of the world, Ugandans will be glued on their TV sets to catch a glimpse of the frenzy that the wedding will be. It comes at a time when the Country needs to forget the scandal that the announcement of the importation of Cuban Health workers was. But let’s remember, not everything foreign is bad. If you think so, just imagine how much tourism money UK will extract from today’s wedding. UK will get a ‘Cuban’ Princess who will be walked down the isle by a ‘Cuban’ father.

                      Harry and Meghan will tie the knot in St George’s chapel on the grounds of Windsor Castle

Enjoy the festivities as American Exuberance mingles with British Tradition and may the best Team win the FA Cup 2018.



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