Cindy Sanyu thinks the music industry is losing it and the reason is the influence of money and trends. The veteran diva believes there is a lot of talent out there that has not yet been discovered at the expense of the many untalented singers flooding the market just because they are rich.

Cinderella Sanyu is someone who has been around, actively running the Ugandan music industry for years. Throughout her career, she has always been a top gem when it comes to dancehall music. Her unique vocals, energetic performances, and many other factors have made her a favorite of many music lovers across East Africa.

The songstress however thinks the new crop of artistes in the music business are not as talented as we have been forced to believe but are rather riding on the hype. Cindy believes that the new social media trends have influenced many music lovers’ opinions and that the artistes who are currently trending and winning awards are not as talented but rather rich.

The ‘Onnina‘ singer revealed her thoughts saying;

It is the year 2018 when you don’t have to have any talent or skill to be played on TV or trend on social media or win a local award.You just need to have money and the will to sacrifice. These days if you want to see real talent in any industry you have to go look for it yourself Otherwise all you will get is hype and lies that have been paid for. I salute all journalists, presenters, bloggers, fans who are still real and have respect for real art and talent.

Does she have a point?

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