For close to two months now, the rivalry between journalist Josephat Seguya and musician Jose Chameleone has been getting out of hand and seemingly headed for a very bad end. The feud has however been ended by concert organizer Balaam Barugahara.

Jose Chameleone, real names Joseph Mayanja is no stranger to feuds. The Leone Island Music Empire CEO has for over two decades been involved in major wrangles with different fellow celebrities across East Africa. Somehow he always goes away with it and his fans love him for the ‘champion’ he is.

All that seemed to change however at the start of April when he got into a misunderstanding with Bukedde TV journalist Josephat Seguya after the latter made strong statements saying the singer should be imprisoned for letting his underage sons drive on a public road.

Balaam and Chameleone Credit: Balaam and Chameleone

The ‘Champion’ singer defended his two sons saying everybody makes mistakes and attacked Josephat Seguya for the insensitive remarks he had made while on his morning TV show. A few days after Chameleone’s attack, the two rivals met at Catherine Kusasira’s introduction ceremony and allegedly got into an altercation with Chameleone warning the journalist to stop talking ill bout his family.

In a video that circulated online, Chameleone was seen speaking strongly and going by his body language, he was really angered by the journalist. Chameleone nearly thumped Josephat Seguya and the next morning the journalist filed a case against the singer citing that he was assaulted by the hot-headed Chameleone.

Good news however was broken today by famous promoter Balaam Barugahara about how the two rivals had met at the Vision Group offices, reconciled and buried their hatchet without the involvement of the courts of law. In a statement released by the CEO of Balaam Marketing and Promotions Agency CEO, the two rivals have come to agreement and put an end to their disagreements.

Friends At Last: Josephat Seguya shakes Chameleone’s hands as Balaam looks on.

Balaam stated;

The unnecessary fight amongst 2 Brothers and clan mates Dr Jose Chameleone and Josephat Seguya has been buried, thanks to God I have been able to reconcile them this evening with the Help of counsel Kiryowa kiwanuka KK Advoacate and Vision Group lawyer. Thank you Dr Jose and Josephat for having forgiving hearts and good intentions for each other.

Well, we can all agree this beef was taking a wrong turn, and thanks to Mr. Balaam for a job well done.

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