Yesterday, journalist Josephat Sseguya and singer Jose Chameleone buried the hatchet and reconciled their differences with the help of music promoter Balaam Barugahara and lawyers. This brought a closure to the sour relationship between the former friends but the truce is believed to be a temporary one.

New details have emerged citing smart play between both parties dismissing the common belief that the reconciliation was due to mutual respect between the mentioned foes, according to reliable sources.

Journalist Josephat Sseguya’s beef has not been specifically against Jose Chameleone only but he has been at loggerheads with most of the Mayanja family members. He had an altercation with AK47 before his death, another heated feud with Pallaso, and now the most significant one with Jose Chameleone. In the past, the misunderstandings between the journalist and the Mayanjas have been resolved by Mr. Gerald Mayanja Snr who this time seems to have ignored the entire issue.

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The beef between Sseguya and Chameleone escalated when the latter attacked the journalist at Catherine Kusasira’s introduction scandal. Sseguya thereafter opened a criminal assault case against the singer. It is alleged that around the time when investigations were going on, someone reportedly a spy known as Karangwa tapped and recorded Sseguya’s conversation with friends as Sseguya confessed never being harmed by Chameleone and how he is the reason for Chameleone’s fame despite not benefiting from his struggle.

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In that same audio recording Sseguya also vowed to lead to Chameleone’s downfall if he dared not to pay him a minimum of about UGX 5m in appreciation for his efforts of working for him as a PR ‘secretly’ for all these years.

Josephat Sseguya, and Jose Chameleone shake their hands and smile for the camera as a sign of reconciliation yesterday.

When Chameleone accessed the audio recording, he threatened to release it to the public. The audio once leaked would then obviously discredit Sseguya’s reported police case and jeopardize his working relationship with his employees. Chameleone, now with an upper hand, was demanding that Sseguya withdraws the police case which Sseguya hopelessly did. His hands were tied anyway.

It is for the above matter that the picture of a mutual reconciliation was painted in the public eye yesterday to avoid worse effects of the entire ‘take the case forward and I will release the tape’ tit-for-tat game.

Also, Balaam could have used the opportunity to his advantage and announce the upcoming ‘Return Of The Legend’ show. It is in the same press statement that Balaam released in which he announced Jose Chameleone’s concert set to happen in December.

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Clearly, the bond is such an artificial one and we might be faced with another sour twist in the events related to the bitter relationship between the singer and the journalist, sooner or later.

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